Social Entrepreneurship in times of civil unrest

Aside from living during a pandemic, we are also dealing with civil unrest and that alone is extremely problematic. That’s why every entrepreneur needs to think about Social Entrepreneurship and how shifting to such an idea can make a difference. During these trying times, you need to help people and offer them as much support as you can.

Donate to the right causes

It’s extremely important to understand why these issues are happening and what can you do to help. Donating to the right causes is crucial, and it will allow people to see that you really care about them and their beliefs. In turn, they will support your business and help it grow. It’s a great opportunity and one that comes with amazing potential.

Show your support

Create products or services that cater to the needs people have during these times of civil unrest. As a Social Entrepreneur, your focus is to help people while also keeping up with the times and current requirements. Only by understanding that you will have no problem offering the right solutions at the best possible level. Articulating your mission clearly is a must, because it will help attract investors too, and you will need them to keep the lights open while also supporting the current causes.

Work as a team

During times of civil unrest, you need to showcase the true meaning of teamwork. People are rallying together to showcase their ideas, and you need to show support the best way that you can. Showing off images or sharing content related to teamwork will help. It shows that if you work as a team, nothing is impossible and you can achieve great results. 

Collaborate with competitors

Obviously, these challenges are well beyond your industry, so you need to think outside the box. It might seem counter-intuitive to collaborate with competitors, but this will show strength, professionalism, and a strong desire to help people. Plus, we already know that multiple hands are going to do better than a single pair. 

Start investing in personal development

This is a good time to start helping yourself and your employees improve skills and take them to the next level. There are always challenges you need to face, and you must educate yourself the best way that you can. This way you can offer improved support and assistance, while also encouraging people to stay strong and assuring them you have the right solutions.


Social Entrepreneurship is all about innovation, so you need to think outside the box and provide people with assistance and help where there is the biggest need. Nothing is impossible, all you need is to take your time and really push the boundaries to make things work. There will always be demanding situations to deal with, but if you manage this correctly nothing can stand in your way. Even if these are times of Social Entrepreneurship, the way you act and innovate can make a difference. Start helping people and offer them new, creative solutions as this will ensure your company’s growth!

Better Life. Better Business. Better Results.

Dr. Cai Randolph