Starting in the midst of life…

Simple solutions for chaotic times that empower people to reclaim their lives.


Life was not always kind. Heck it was down right complicated and arrogant and at times sad, tramatic even. I have been homeless, hopeless and lost. You would say, “she’s stuck in her own prison.” I prayed, I meditated, and I never gave up on thinking about restoring what the Divine intended for my life. I was a key piece of His vast master plan.

Sometimes its as simple as fostering a very purposeful action to make life easy. I read many books on spiritual growth, self help, leadership, and realized my internal transformation would only happen when I accepted my purpose. I always had the gift of lifting the spirit of people experiencing life difficulties. It was that simple.

I have a few semi-controversial beliefs that will cause some people to throw their fist up in agreement…and that will leave others a little cross-eyed.

It’s not always necessary that you agree with me. Believe me, I welcome any challenge if it educates you and I. My philosophies are simple and you will find that they are easily transferrable to every day life.

Love and Light, Coach Cai