Inviting Love Into Your Life

Inviting Love Into Your Life

There may be times in your life when you just want to be on your own for a while. Maybe you’d like to delve into your work, focus on yourself and enjoy life solo. However, when you return to thoughts of wanting to be in love again, you must be in the proper frame of mind to welcome love back into your life.

Consider these suggestions to be ready yourself for love:

1. Let go of old resentments and hurts. You can only accept the warm feelings love brings if you’ve done away with simmering grievances and aching hurts. Otherwise, they’ll keep bubbling up to the surface and “boil away” other positive and healthy feelings.

2. Open yourself up to new people. If you tend to hang out only with people you already know, now is the time for a change. To invite love in, you’ve got to open the door. When you psychologically open up to new people, you open to love.

Attend a book discussion group at the library.

Let your neighbor introduce you to his cousin.

Try visiting new cafes, restaurants, and community centers.

Drop into neighborhood gatherings and parties you wouldn’t usually attend.

3. Cultivate a positive body image. When you feel good about how you look and feel physically, you behave more openly toward others. Those feelings of self-assurance will encourage the flow of abundance and love.

4. Love yourself. Loving yourself makes you a more lovable person in the eyes of others. Although it’s admittedly a bit of a cliché, if you expect others to love you, you must first do so yourself. Dig deep to get in touch with everything you like about yourself.

Traits you like about yourself might include your smooth skin, caring nature, willingness to help others, or incredible resolve to improve yourself each day. Find the unique characteristics that bring joy and comfort to you and others.

5. Know your worth. When you discover everything you love about yourself, you’ll become more aware of your value as a human being. Whether you cherish just one thing about yourself or a hundred, you begin to feel worthy. And when you truly accept your own value, love will find you.

6. Cultivate a peaceful existence. Living a life of serenity and peace will draw people to you. When your days are free from drama and emotional chaos, you demonstrate that you can handle whatever life sends your way. Seek activities and strategies to maintain a deep sense of serenity and calmness.

Whether you do yoga, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, or some other serenity practice, cultivating tranquility will show you can handle new relationships.

You have the power to welcome love back into your life. When you let go of old hurts, open up to new people, and know your own worth, you’ll be ready and willing to enjoy a new relationship. Take the leap and invite love in!

Love and light, Coach Cai