Guided by the Creator

At this point in my life, I’m feeling more confident and the books, events, etc. seem to flow effortlessly from my being. There is nothing more exhilarating than to be at the top of my game. After all, I went through heaven and hellfire to forge this pathway. But wait, let us not forget what getting here meant. I lost love, gained it, and lost it once again. I found friendship, lost it, chose to forego attracting the same energy. My business slowly climbed as I experienced changes in my health, wealth, and joy. No amount of logic could explain this moment in my life, yet I see the fruits of my labor (hard labor at times).

Achieving ones best sometimes happens when everything is in utter chaos. I would like to propose a thought of why you still rise to the occasion. Here it is, you have been in training for this moment all your life, so quite naturally your ability to achieve success has been sharpened and refined. For example, I expressed that I lost love, found it again, only to lose it once more. That exercise of loss kept me up at night for sure! I wrote in my diary till wee hours in the morning and sometimes wandered until I arrived at solutions to resolve my anguish, to deal with my grief, to allow myself to be angry and then I gave myself permission to let go of my misery. I sought new friends that I knew aligned with my goals. Again giving myself permission to be vulnerable to new people. Remember though your journey’s outcome may not be clear to you, the process takes time. Take part in the process!

Now my actions are intentional. I do not waste much time mauling over missteps since there is a lesson in it all…Wait! What are you saying, Coach? I recognized that acknowledging the Creator in my (not so positive) challenges would lead to me living my best life. How is that Cai? God is the author of my strength and weakness, and I simply ask that my steps are: first blessed; second, purposed; and lastly, impactful. It works for me as I am not only surviving I am thriving.

Having principles to guide you through the process is something that is often overlooked. What is it worth, your spirituality that is? Are you guided to make life choices by a force greater than yourself? These are the questions I have asked myself in challenging chaotic times…My best response, “Simple solutions,” emerge from that small voice inside as I center my spirit, man. Honestly, the birth of CAISM was fueled by the ups and downs that I had experienced in life…For every fall, there is a rise, every obstacle an opportunity, and for every failure, a chance for success. I was guided by the Creator to bring Caism to those who desired simple solutions while living in chaotic times.

Love and Light, Coach Cai