Gratitude: Remaining Grateful While Reaching for the Stars

How strong is your desire? Oh mine is a full rolling BOIL! I’m committed, I create the shift in my outlook. I am hopeful and grateful. I journal pray and meditate to reflect on his blessings. I see magnificence in everything. Lord reflect that in me. Acts 24:3

Having a resolute goal is like feeling a gust of wind in your smooth, steadfast sails. Soul-quenching desires can take the shape of becoming your best self, wanting to advance your career, or taking steps to be a kinder person every day. Maybe you’re looking for a healthy relationship or are aiming to work hard to have a shiny new car in your garage. Whatever it is that you’re searching for, desire can be a positive ingredient that kicks your mindset and mood into overdrive.

It’s a shame when some don’t fan these powerful flames of desire—they instead let them fade away, never to be resurfaced. Sometimes, inaction is bred out of fear of the unknown or the work it may take to get there. Fear prevents us from taking leaps to a fuller life of happiness, clarity, and excitement, and often we are stuck in stagnancy simply because the possibilities between the hours and the minutes of head make us nervous. For those experiencing this, ball up the energy of fear and toss it behind you. It has no place to shackle you from spreading your wings.

Having a passion and desire to step over an obstacle or gain something that will help you to advance your life means committing yourself to being driven. The fruits of life don’t willingly fall into your lap, and it’s a rare case that we see a stroke of undeserved luck. No, luck and love comes to those that work hard for it, have the appetite for effort, and are grateful for the smallest of blessings they receive.

In order to be driven towards our devotions, we have to learn how to mold our attitude into a responsible and ethical outlook. Our wants and desires must be appropriate food for the mind and body—they have to be the rungs in our ladders that bring us closer to the sky. And being able to ascertain these desires means having an outlook of hope and gratitude.

As people, we bend and sway with our wants and needs every day. We see things we wanted badly slip out of our palms, and sometimes the most precious of gifts come into our life when we need them most. While you’re plowing ahead through life and reaching for treasures that you’re working hard for, remember to sit still and look around every so often. Be thankful for the food on your table and the gas in your automobile. Be humbly honored to have a place on this earth and a job to take care of you. Adding tinder to your desires keeps you motivated, but being grateful for what you have fills you with daily satisfaction.

Long for your ambitions—reach hard for them. But be in constant peace by sinking into the gratitude of today. Because today is filled with treasure.

Love and Light Coach Cai