Gratitude Through a Self Portrait: Neecee Lexy

Name: Neecee Lexy


Editor & Publisher of  NEECEE LEXY Global media Publication

Professional: Kinesiologist, Graphic Designer, Creative Director

1)  Unintuitive things I have learned about finding my purpose and passion; I’ve always been a person that love to learn and explore different things. Since, 6 years old when I saw something interesting. I immediately become curious to know how is made or what is required to make it.  I love to draw them out and have visual sense of it. I wanted to be a doctor or scientist to discover information and solution to medial crisis. At 14 years old, I spent major of my free time at the library or home reading Seventeen magazines and teen fiction novels. I would read sections of feature stories of young self made entrepreneurs and DIY. Most of the time, I am drawn to the cover page of these magazines and book. I had Windows 2003 PC computer at time with program called Picture it.

I would take a self portrait which now popularly known as selfie. Then, I would use these self portrait and replicate all the wording from Seventeen magazine cover into them. I shared few of them on my Facebook and my friends started asking me to do theirs as well. From there I  started to be curious on how to do image blinding, colour correction and print fonts. I taught myself digital graffiti, video editing, sewing by watching youtube videos. I signed up for Television and Film competition became the first female lead team to bring our high school Gold Medal.  At the same time I was modeling in fashion weeks and local fashion shows. My model trainer encouraged me to show the world my graphic work talent after posting few images on facebook. Today, my creative hobbies and interested lead me to launched LEXYNELLE REVEUR which include both my Graphic promo, fashion, and entertainment. In matter of 3 years,  I landed in reality TV, got Interviewed on multiple radio shows, and received few awards. My unintuitive curiosity and passion for learning would be the sources of my great achievements and life accomplishments. My sister always tell me, I am gifted regardless of being raised with no support or resource for my art work. I went out my way to learn them and master it without giving up.  Now is clear to me that my purpose is to unleash the power of my creative to impact and inspire many people around the world via the

2) Influencers are not born, they are built.  Becoming a social media influencers was not something I dreamt of it or consider myself as one. Growing up I was a very shy kid. That personality trait was a blessing because it gave me great listening skills and ability to analyze things by observing. Nonetheless, I was always that individual who would come up with bright ideas and finalize decision. When my friends are talking I am collecting points of view and delivering a solution. Fortunately, my shy girl personality had role as influencers among my peers. Through my skills and creative content in the fashion and entertainment industry. I can definitely, say influencers are built over time.  
I found my passion and my passion had given me my voice as influencer. Therefore, I  conclude that influencers are built over time.

3) Do what you’ve never done before;

Everything I do is because I said yes and learned to do it after.  Too keep my promises and commitment I make sure to deliver. Not just an outcome but my very best version of that outcome. I became a fashion designer and I  never been to fashion school just learned off youtube. I am not a communication major either but I taught myself graphic editing and and take time off to learn from people who are in the media industry before launching English it is not my first language. In fact, it’s my third language. Therefore, being a blogger editor & publisher is me doing something I never thought I be doing 6 years ago. I am fulfilling a mission and purpose to aspire youth globally to be active in manifesting their dreams.  Plus, to bring their ideas into reality no matter what life circumstances or obstacles they might be facing. Currently I am completing my marketing certification at college you are definitely going to see exciting things i will be doing new on 2019 with my new knowledge.

and 4) The hardest thing I ever had to get comfortable saying. No or I will pass. At my hay days when people reach out to be part of the project. It does not matter what is free or paid I took the job with honour and make sure I deliver what i promised. I treat every project like is my own that something I still do until today. However, I learned to be okay to say no to certain offer to prioritize my duties and stay on truck.

Are you a blogger/vlogger/podcasters? I am CEO & Founder of the media publication blogger based in Canada.  I conduct a weekly interview series of entrepreneurs from around the global. The articles are released every thursday morning featuring special guests promoting their businesses.

Have you had blogging presence?
Yes! I have worked in the Fashion and entertainment industry for over 8 years now as event promoter, model and fashion designer. I also worked as set director for Prestigious Talk Show covering red carpet event and fashion weeks press conferences. I launched the as extension to my vlogging and PR presence to read global audience. I’ve been collaborating and conducting feature interview from Australia, Africa, Europe and North Africa.  

Who is your audience? My audiences are generally entrepreneurs and business owners.   

Are you the expert in your field? I’m expert in social networking and Graphic Design and content creation. My network friend call me the Plug because I am great with connecting people from around the world to bring projects to life.