Finding Miracles in Each Moment

This month I have chosen to dedicate to Gratitude. I have selected a few well known guest bloggers and podcasters who will share their personal perspectives in this effort. Please share this month’s blogs with family and friends. So let’s begin:

The minute I open my eyes each day I realize the miracle. God you bring so much joy into my heart. I anticipate my highest good as I participate in the asking and receiving process. Yes Lord, I am grateful that you answer prayers. John 15:17

From the moment we make up, we’re making decisions about which number of paths our minds and bodies will lead us down. We can toss off the covers in a hurry, stressed and anxious about the impending details piled up on the list of our mornings and afternoons. We can open our eyes with a frown, inviting in darkness, animosity, and thanklessness. Drawing upon negativity is an easy way out, but a painful one—our souls become enmeshed in toxic fibers that only drive away any good waiting for us. Instead, choose to wake up and be grateful.

Our lives are miracles. We open our eyes and have the ability to drink in the fascinating beauty that God has provided us. Our legs lift us out of bed, we stroll to our closets, and just like our ability to choose what attitude and outlook we’ll wear for the day, we choose what ensemble we’ll don. Walking outside, our faces are hit with beams of sun, and we make way for the job that provides us with what we need to put warm food in our bellies and a shelter for our heads. And we can’t forget the steaming cup of hot, fragrant coffee that warms our hands.

Every scenario for every person can be a different stream of events, but in every action, we can choose to show gratitude and be cognizant of the treasures we’ve been gifted in life. Did you spill water on your clothes? Try laughing it off. It is enough to be grateful that you have the gift of water in your cup whenever you wish it there. The next time a simple inconvenience filters into your world, mold it into a happy alternative. Every action produces a reaction, but we can be the masters of our own minds and carve out bad feelings that would otherwise block joy and gratitude from entering into our lives.

Gratitude and joy are powerful feelings. Joy makes us act our best selves and acts as a magnet for attracting positivity. The root of joy comes from showing and feeling gratitude, and realizing what we have been provided. And when a grateful soul asks more joy to be brought into their lives, it willingly comes like it’s been waiting for the call.

An open heart is a receiving heart. Our lives are full of test, trials, and tribulations, but we have seen this planet spin its course for a long time and we remain strong in love and acceptance. And the value of opening our eyes with gratitude every morning that we wake—seeing the beauty and gifts around us in all of their forms—is a draw for riches of every form. Every morning and as you continue your day, find the miracles in each moment. Choose to be grateful.

In love and light, Coach Cai