My Inner Voice Made My Confidence Soar

Your inner voice doesn’t always have to be your critic. It only becomes one when you let your negative experiences and feelings have an impact on it the most. You’ve probably heard of the phrase that ‘confidence comes from within’. There is a truth to this phrase. It all depends on your mind and how you process what happens to you and everything around you.

I have to admit that I have not always taken the time to listen to that small voice within me. You know, that voice that tells you not to do “that thing” or “don’t go to go to that place.”

Channel Your Inner Voice Positively

When you say that you’re going to do something, do it. Your words can often influence you and motivate you especially if you really mean those words. You are capable of anything; just do it.

Love yourself. Don’t always look for validity and love from others. Give yourself the care that you’d expect from another and treat yourself gently. Indulge in a good book, take a walk, discover new music which you can relate to, take a day off and sleep in. All of these tiny steps help nurture you and make you confident.

Meditate. Meditation can really help you flush all negative thoughts from your mind. Focus on that one motivating phrase and welcome set-backs. Your set-backs and failures help you grow. They are a lesson for you. In addition to that, meditation can help get rid of unnecessary stress and overthinking.

There is no guarantee that your loved one will stay with you forever. Always keep in mind that there may come situations where you’ll be your only friend. Being on your own doesn’t always mean that you’re lonely.

Get out of your comfort zone and do the impossible. Go out for cliff diving or skydiving. Take a risky decision for your business if you think it’ll help it. It’ll help you know what you’re capable of.

Do what you love. Once you start doing the things you are passionate about, it increases your self-confidence. You’ll be much happier with your life and it’ll be smooth.

Be compassionate and understanding. Help those people in need. Be generous and donate to charity or buy a poor person some food.

Flaunt yourself. Wear that new suit or new dress you bought for yourself. Wear makeup or that expensive perfume you’ve had in store for special occasions. It is a known fact that some people find themselves to be unattractive and unsightly. However, other people may find you attractive and godly. Even then, you don’t need to care about what people say about you behind your back. What is being said about you by someone is none of your business. Ignore it.

Having a bad perception of yourself won’t help you in any way. Visualise yourself in a certain scenario where you think you can do better and be better. Then, just do it. Nothing is stopping you except a small nagging voice which says you’re not enough. Ignore it!

These tips can help your inner voice support you positively. Now, it is your time to shine and soar high.

Love and Light, Coach Cai