Who is in your corner: Accountability Partners Matter

Often times when you’re trying to pursue a specific goal, you just don’t have the right amount of motivation for it. You feel demotivated, fearful and may experience negative thoughts of failure. However, sometimes all you need to perform better is a push. Maybe someone who makes you realize what you’re worth and the amount of talent you have and what you can achieve with it. Such people aren’t your spouses or friends, even though they quite literally might be falling under these categories. Such people are called accountability partners.

An accountability partner is like hiring a motivational coach and consultant for free. You don’t pay them or anything. They look after you and help you succeed. Their only payment is that you do the same for them. An accountability partnership is built on mutuality of expectations. There is no human on this earth who doesn’t need a push to realize their talents and to get motivated. Accountability partners are best for situations like these. Recently I decided to write a book and found myself doing everything else in my free moments. I struggled with pushing myself to get to the finish line and I knew I needed assistance sooner than later. I pulled out cell to look through my contacts list to find that no nonsense friend to get me back on track. Well of course my cry for help was rewarded with a yes and many check ins. She’s direct and has a way with getting me to push through my procrastination periods.

Accountability partners have a few main roles which they are required to fulfill.

  1. A cheer leading partner is one who will cheer you on and motivate you at every step of your difficult journey. Feeling upset and like a failure? Call your cheer leading accountability partner. Need a pick-me-up or some comfort food to feel better? Call your cheer leading accountability partner! Need someone to make you realize what you’re worth and what you’ve achieved up till now? Call your cheer leading accountability partner!
  2. Co-Travelers. These accountability partners are on the same level as you. Think of it as being in the same class section with the same subjects. Both of you go through similar things and situations. This helps both of you to understand each other’s situations much better.
  3. The Limit Pusher. This accountability partner pushes you to your limit. This is because they realize that you can do better than you currently are doing.
  4. The Consoler. Your endeavors won’t always be successful. Sometimes you might need someone to lift you up and help you feel better. You might need a person to vent to. Accountability partners are the best people to vent to because they genuinely have your best interests at heart.

Whenever you’re on the hunt for an accountability partner, look for someone who has a giving attitude. Someone with an “only-me” attitude will neglect your problems and be selfish. Always remember to not spill your beans as soon as you get an accountability partner. Yes, they have your best interests at heart but who knows whether that person is trustworthy or not, at first sight? They need to earn your trust before you can go telling them your secrets.

Once you’ve identified your accountability partner, they’ll be able to tell your strengths and weaknesses. They may even go as far to critique your weaknesses. Don’t take it as an insult because it is only to push you to be better.

Accountability partners are the motivation you need. I highly recommend it!

Love and Light, Coach Cai