Why Not Me? I Am Success, Right?!

I often thought that there was a “secret” to becoming successful. Studying self help books, attending workshops, watching videos,  you name it and I tried my hand at it. Years into my research I have found that the most effective way to achieve success is finding out that what’s inside of me already has been my secret weapon.

Wondering why you’re not as successful as you should be? You have the right abilities to be successful and you work equally as hard. However, you’re still not as successful. Why? Being successful requires hard work, no?

Being successful requires more than just hard work. It may be harsh and you may not want to admit it, but sometimes the only obstacle lying in your way of success is YOU.

Here are a few reasons why you may not be as successful as you’d want to be.

Why You Are Not Successful?

Having a plan is the most crucial step. You may see yourself doing things which make you successful. Often times you might not be sure of your ideas. It may be because you’ve done less research. It may be because you’re scared of taking a big step. Whatever the case, start exercising your mind and pop up a good stable plan!

Let’s say you have a pizzeria. It was once successful but now the rage and number of customers die down. The most probable reason can be because you are not keeping up with the trends! If you keep offering the same plain cheese pizza with a little extra chicken without any more varieties, why wouldn’t you be losing customers? Change your ways often. Change can be scary and difficult but it always works out for the better. All you need to do is experiment. Don’t stay within your comfort zone.

Success requires real hard work. You may not have the right motivation to work hard and may leave it up to your sub-ordinates to see everything through. It should be YOU. You should be investing your time and energy to make your business successful! Not only do you have to work hard, you have to work smart. Exercise that mind of yours and do what you think is necessary to make the business successful. Don’t take short-cuts.

Most people tend to slack off when they start a new business. They’re completely okay with the way their business runs.They’re satisfied when they shouldn’t be. Which is why to be successful, you need to aim for different goals time and time again.

You often need help. Discuss your ideas with your co-workers and ask for their opinion and help. No successful person became successful by just thinking of an idea and implementing it without support and help.

If you have an only-me attitude, get rid of it. Your pride may get in the way when someone would clearly offer you a better idea but you’d want YOUR idea to be accepted. You need to accept the fact that you may not always be as right as you think you are.

Most importantly, you need to believe in yourself. Motivate and trust yourself. Your ideas may not be as bad. You just need a clear vision and a burning desire to be successful. Your sub-ordinates may help you through every step if you allow them to.

Stop questioning ‘why not me’. Successful businessmen go through struggles each and every day. Now, it’s your turn to deal with those struggles in a positive manner.

Love and Light, Coach Cai