Reactivate Your Best Life By Redesigning And Rediscovering You

You might come across such experiences in your life when you feel like what you’re doing is just not enough. You might feel as if you’re not contributing enough. However, you have to realise that sometimes even doing enough or giving more might not be enough. When you invest your time and energy more into a particular area, you could start neglecting other areas where you need furnishing. Sometimes less is more.

My conscience was filled and I knew I was birthing a fanominal project yet I still needed to ignite my heart for its sake. Yes, I needed to shift and move on fulfilling my dream of writing and inspiring others while doing so. Hence, this blog emerged. The dream expanded now I’m on social media platforms , hosting my own workshops and even speaking at events across the country. Wow and because I wanted to live in my purpose I’m filled with joy, happiness and peace.

If you feel unhappy with the way your life is going and you feel as if you’re not productive enough, it is time to rethink and reassess yourself.

Rediscover Yourself

There are a few simple steps which you can follow to help you rediscover the real you.

Go far back into your collection of memories and remember when you were the happiest. Maybe it was when you got your first job; maybe it was when you met your girlfriend/boyfriend for the first time or maybe it was the unforgettable time you spent in your university. It can be anything. The reason to go back in memory lane and remember when you were your happiest self is to figure out why you were so happy at that time. Once you figure it out, you can reincorporate those features into your life once again.

The next step that you should follow is to figure out all those aspects or people who make you unhappy. Holding onto the past does you no good. It is the past and there comes a time where you’ll have to let it go, whether it was a betrayal or a failure. Once you let it go, youll feel free; you’ll be able to grow emotionally

Another step which you should follow is to develop a habit of writing. Keep a journal and write down your thoughts. You can assess your thoughts that way and figure out its negative aspects. You can then try to eliminate such thinking. Writing down your thoughts will help you change and rediscover yourself.

Redesign Yourself

The first thing to focus on when redesigning yourself are your relationships. Whether it’s your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or parents, etc. assess how your relationship is with everyone. Having more friends can mean having more special contacts but these special contacts could be the cause of your downfall. Like I said, less is more. If you find that there is any negativity in one of your relationships, don’t hesitate and just cut ties.

Can money buy happiness? Well, my reply to this would be a big, fat ‘No’. You spend money on your necessities but what about when you want things like another version of the same purse that you already have? What about when you want things like that new car and branded watches? What is the purpose of them? What is it that they can do which a normal watch or jewellery cannot? Once you start getting rid of materialism in your life, you will save money and truly be stress free.

Take inventory of the excess in your life and personal space. Clearing out unnecessary items that no longer represent who you are in your current intention. This will help you stand in your “newness” and usher in the vibes of clarity and encouragement to keep you going.

Don’t expect too much too soon. Expectations disappoint so be open to every opportunity and setback. Enjoy the road ahead of you, and travel it with new eyes.

Love and Light, Coach Cai