Eating Right for a Better You

Coach Cai

It’s time to open the book on a special type of relationship – the kind that can make you feel better when you’re melancholy, or sticks you in a pit of guilt and self-pity after too much indulging.  You love the instant gratification it gives you but hate the effects, and nothing’s better than cozying up with some delicious afternoon delights.  Let’s get down to business on you and food.

You have the ability put life back into your life and transform the way you look and feel by resolving to eat better and exercise.  But it’s easy for food to wield power over us, control us like a manipulative lover.  Highly addictive nonsense like processed foods and refined sugars make our receptors go haywire, and these devious chemicals pull the authority we have over our bodies from our fingertips.  We start to absentmindedly go for a few butter-loaded cookies…

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