Ready, Set…Love

Ready for Love Again After It Feels Like A Stranger

Love can be terrifying.  It can ferry you down a sensuous road of joy and endless highs, only to slam you into states of despair moments later.  The back-and-forths of falling into love-clouds where the rest of the world is blurred out by your partner’s eyes, the quarrels, the constant worrying about what the other person is thinking or feeling… sometimes the highs and lows make it seem easier to crawl into a hole with no one but yourself and a big pint of vanilla ice cream.

But all loves are different.  The relationship you had before is not the one you’ll have next.  In the end, falling into silky sheets with your perfect person makes the road to getting there worth it.

If it’s been seemingly forever since you felt butterflies in your stomach or beats skipping in your pounding heart, love and affection can feel like an unattainable sensation only earned by climbing to the top of a distant, scary peak.  You may have been single for a long time, and you may have felt the undeserving wounds that can stick to your soul after lousy relationships.  

The positive thing about being single for a time is that you’ve spent a while in a place of growth, independence, and strength.  If you’re like me, you’ve experienced the pangs of grief that feel unable to shake after the close of a long, significant relationship.  Depression and sadness can creep in to show their ugly faces, but committing yourself to yourself for a while gives you the power to edge back into the position of being ready to let someone climb into your heart again.

Even when you feel like it’s time, sometimes you’ll feel stopped in your tracks.  Meeting someone for the first time, the tug-and-pull of dating that we’re all excited by but semi-dread -this can all be unnerving.

Don’t let your fears drive you.  When you’re ready to let someone in – truly ready, your heart will tell you.  You may need to give yourself a little push.  Hold your head high and step right over those prior relationships and past bad experiences to strut past those fears.  Walk out in that sexy summertime dress, and sink deep into someone’s smile.  Just wrap the past up in a little box, throw it under the bed, and baby-step your way to happiness with a worthy partner.

The important thing is, to:

Go slow.  

Respect yourself.

Listen to your instincts.

Don’t let your fears rule you.

And don’t be afraid to let real, genuine love into your life.

Love and Light, Coach Cai