I am stronger because of it and braver inspite of it

How long are you going to be angry with that man or that women who left you?How long are you going to be hostile because you feel rejected? When are you going to walk in your power to release that attitude? I’m referring to you and yes, you over there. How long are you going to live like this? It’s interesting to think there is a reason for your current crisis…Is it that you have become defensive to protect your ignorance or arrogance?

It is not normal to treat yourself nor others in such a manner. The side effects of rejection may cause you to be a stressed, unhealthy and unhappy person. There is sadness and anger that has to be released in order to walk free.

Let’s talk about releasing that anger and sadness. This is your opportunity to exist right. Be the light so that you are in control of your tomorrow.

So here is my truth…it has been a long, hard road for me attempting to get through the loss of a very significant relationship. I now look back thinking “how rude of you for taking that person for granted?!” And yes, it took deep introspection to acknowledge that I did just that. Gosh, thinking about many long sleepless nights I spent retracing my steps to get to exactly where we ended…I must tell you those nights blended with the days. Those days were filled with tears, guilt, depression, grief, anger and release. Even now, as I find myself thinking back, I have to say I would not have traded any of the experience of loss because it has made me stronger, wiser and braver person willing to love more like the creator; wealthier and full of rich experiences to feed the hunger of those in need; and, more healthier to justly give more of myself to another person.

By now you should be asking me “why is it so gosh darn important to share with me?”  The answer is “I’m hoping my pain and enlightenment will give you pause and revelation.” It is so important that I share my “why?” and express the core values that I live by. Love, justice and light…yes, I know I will need to explain this further.  We started our journey together, you and I, talking about “love accounts” and the need for us to make love deposits along your journey of fulfilling your purpose(s). My discovery of filling my love account started with the many heartaches, and break ups, and countless lost opportunities in my life…you see, those losses left me feeling empty, sad and a few times not having the will to move on.

Just recently, on a Sunday morning, I arose thinking about the story of God’s love. And how in His infinite wisdom has given me His love, no matter my bad choices of relationships, jobs, friendships, etc. That the Creator’s love was immeasurable despite of my monumental mess-ups.  So if the woman at a well had her thirst quenched merely by changing her perspective on how she approached living due to a brief conversation with a “life coach, named Jesus,” then I could certainly change my perspective and be open to adding value to the lives of others in love and support.

So let us move the justice aspect of my core beliefs…On that very same day, I read page after page of God’s infinite justice and that it was always proceeded with His love and His light. No, this is not a sermon; however, it is a conversation about your character and your ability to behave justly in all relationships while breathing in positive intent in your everyday actions. I chose to walk in justice which included moving out of my former significant others way so that their life would be exactly as they intended. You know it was hard to say I forgive you and even harder to release that person from “our” life.  It was hard for me to transition to singleness because I wanted so badly to “be” in coupledom. Where is the justice in that, Cai? It is exactly where you do not want to look. It was in the sacrifice so that I would become a better me, a wiser me and a braver me.

Finally but not really, the “light” is ever-present and I share it everyday in every way. It’s what I give back to my community when there is social injustice, marginalization and underestimation of us all.  For instance, that former significant other has an elderly relative, who on occasion feels the sting of misunderstandings that arise with her outlook which always links back to her past.  Those misunderstandings sometimes leads to marginalization during clinic visits, so I would on occasion volunteer to act as her second voice, a more modern spin on her thoughts. There is no better feeling for me than to give back or share the light. It is who I am, it is my purpose in life.

Today, I ask you to choose, what your core values will be. These will most certainly direct your vision and create an environment for sound decision-making opportunities in your personal and professional life even in the most difficult times, even when you are hurting. Remember “I am stronger because of it and braver inspite of it.”

Joy, love, peace, happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to you!

Love, Cai