Let’s get this “life” started!

Sometimes we can’t get motivated to do anything. You know how it is…LIFE is what it is. And we may feel overwhelmed by it all. Rather than buckling under the pressure of an impossible to-do list, we might take a moment to view the larger perspective. At the end of the day, we must come to terms with changing what we can and accepting what we cannot change. Sometimes the laundry piles up, a sick child demands more of our attention than usual, and we temporarily get behind with our schedule. Accepting this momentary state of affairs and trusting in our ability to get back on track when the time is right, we gracefully accept our life as it is, letting go of perfectionism and embracing life as it stands.

I waited years seeking permission from others to step away from their priorities to begin living my life. I found that I lost so much traction, just waiting to hear words like “it’s over” and “I’m done with you” and “what are you waiting for?” I mean really! What was I waiting for?! I’d missed out on starting my businesses, lost opportunities to move into healthier relationships; and delayed completing my education. My final straw was the day my significant other notified me that my father had passed.  Coach Cai, why is that day so significant to you?! Well, I had put off several of my father’s calls to see me because my significant other insisted that I spend more time with him during the evening hours…He stated, “your dad isn’t going anywhere and I need you here with me.” I gave in and missed very important closure bonding with my father.  While I’m not suggesting that you dismiss the request of others I am making it a point of stating that some things can wait or adjustments can always be made.  In the end that relationship with the significant other faded quickly and frankly it is a distant memory.

Months after, I spent time planning the new journey I would take. It was exhilarating it see the road ahead and to know for certain that I could and would accomplish those endeavors.

Making strides to forge forward brings with it a sense of accomplishment and often one feels the boost of energetic euphoria.  There is nothing like knowing there is a path forward to get you to that desired purpose in your game plan. Make a plan, make it plain, and plan to make it.

NOW let’s get going!

Love and Light, Coach Cai