Moving beyond the disappointment

The truth of the matter is that things happen in our story on a daily basis and unfortunately we focus on the “bad” things versus the good. But get this when you decide to begin the journey into the world of journaling much sure you find the positive impacts. This approach will help to refocus seeing the happiness, joy, prosperity, wealth and healthiness life experiences. Hey do you remember your love consciousness exercise? Well, here is a pathway to figure out what you love consciousness account balance is.

Yes, life is full of ups and downs, so why not put some effort into increasing your focus and your decision making power. I only mention that because most of us, ask ourselves at some point “what is the meaning of life?” and “how do I achieve happiness?”

I have to be honest here, I have had many disappointments that have caused me to stop and refocus. Just recently, I received a notification announcing I had not been selected for a senior role that I have had my eyes for sometime now. The core of my being felt shaken and tossed like a Manhattan Martini. I began to write as usual in the late hours of the night and in the midst of my truth writing I recognized that somehow I equated rising in the ranks in that organization meant I had arrived. You know that feeling, right?! You puff your chest out. You walk a little more taller. You cannot wait to rub shoulders with the elite. STOP! That’s not me. I recognized that I had taken on the experiences of others, their stories, not mine. I walked my home from room to room to regain me…looking at the photographs, touching the furniture, standing in the kitchen, even walking into the bedrooms of each of my family members to inhale the air of Cai. I read the text messages from friend and family that so eloquently reminded me that I was greater than the limits I’d set for myself. Why? Because that vision or pour pose belonged to someone else. Folks, the disappointment quickly disappeared.

Journaling to self-reflect has always pulled me beyond disappointments to get to a deep sense of my life purpose and help me get to a rich meaningful life. Wow! Cai, I’d like to reach that place as well but how? Always ask yourself the following as you journal: 1) What am I grateful about today? 2) Is there an important lesson in this event that will be life changing? 3) Identify what the challenge is and the type of stressors you experienced moving through the disappointment; 4) What did you actually learn something from it all? and finally, 5) Was this a recent event or are you mulling over something that has no basis in existing in the moment? (if it’s the latter, take that baggage to the dump…your not holding onto something you cannot change nor failed to address to receive the lesson from).

Now let’s move forward and dance for the victory of living a meaningful and purpose-filled life.

Signed with love and in Light, Coach Cai