What makes you royalty?

It is interesting to hear the way we sometimes address one another. You know, “hey queen” or “he’s king” and I wonder if we really think about these titles that we bestowed on self, friends or loved ones. So often the use of these titles are simply an attempt to be set apart from the ordinary…the need to belong to a line of royalty in the motherland of course. And yes, its that royalty that makes one step a little higher while wearing the armor of its transparent protection. Hmmm, is it really a thing? It absolutely is!

I know you think its a “thing” that one race or another has claimed but I’m here to tell you that we all have that desire to be set apart and desire to identify with something bigger then ourselves. But rather to be royalty hints at being selfless, humble, standing for a collective cause with dignity and grace.

Now that I gotten that out of the way, what makes you royalty?

If you walk in integrity and expect that others do the same, then you are royalty;

If you uplift your community, and building alliances to bridge the gaps between communities, then you are royalty;

If you encourage choice and self expression to strengthen diversity of thought in decisions that affect many versus one, then you are royalty.

Cai, expect to walk with integrity, building alliances and encourage all to join in making the best life possible in humility. I expect you to meet and greet everyone as if they are royalty.

Now practice makes perfect, you have 30 days to commit to this task.

Love and Light, Coach Cai