Chatter from the television, soulful R&B vibrating my walls, the laughter of children escaping the crack between the door and the floor of the playroom and still my retreat to my bedroom is not enough to hear myself think. Mom is commenting about her day and the calls she made. The doors slam from neighbors coming and going. I start to write but the words drip from the page and the focus becomes “the noise” and that interruption  overwhelmingly steals my head space. Eager to find me time I run quickly to the car, with slippers and keys in hand. Suddenly I found myself rigidly sitting listening for the quiet. You see this is typical day in my home so of course run for the hills whenever I am able.

How many times has something similar happened in your life? I’m sure you know we often are fixated on life stressors versus seiizing the moment to let go and settle into a sense of calmmess. Yes, even the briefest moment of quiet contemplation in the muted light of the sun can put all that is yet to come into perspective. Hmmm, the moment I realized that I had to make a decision, I chose to enjoy the moment of quiet. That moment i put me first. The result was my awareness of quiet was essential for my peace of mind.

Turn off the chatter, and discover the sensation of the intent. Note to self:

  • Cai, shift your attention to the way you respond to quiet. I expect you to choose to enjoy the moment at least two times in a day.

Your power is choosing. Quietude is a life style. Try it!

Love and Light, Coach Cai