Listen to you!

Your bigger vision leads to a bigger world.  Usually means you will walk alone and always means there will be those that secretly despise you, those that talk about what you shoulda did and those that withhold information to see you fail. But ah yes, I’m God’s property, y’all don’t matter to him!

Each day I chose to be a better me and honestly I hold myself accountable. Holding myself accountable was not easy when I started my journey. So my advice is simple, be kind to you. Chunk the vision making attainable short term goals. Also remember you will not perfect your walk to success because there will always be a reason to do whatever better the next time. So slow and steady until you are ready to hit the road running. Vision setting and attaining that final mark is not for the faint at heart. Do you have what it takes to close on that dream?

Okay Cai where do I begin? Surely there are no do overs my friend. Well, the simple truth is start with jotting down notes to yourself. That vision, those thoughts need to become real to you. But if you do not journal or create some visual to be a constant reminder for you those dreams are fleeting and lost to everyday happenings in life. Carry around a 3 x 5 notebook or use that notepad on your cell. For example, start with a love note:

  • Cai, I love that your smile leaves a lasting impression on those who meet you, I expect that and more each morning when you rise. Look in the mirror each day and Smile.

Yes, call yourself out, you’ve been standing in the dark way too long. Acknowledge the gratitude for the simplistic that you take pride in and that very thing may be something others have mentioned to you throughout your life journey. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that my smile lights up a dark room or that people looked forward to seeing me each day because of my smile. Also, set expectations for yourself each time you write in your journal. These expectations become habit forming and those habits propel you to become refined, bold, adventurous and eventually that vision of your future life becomes reality. Finally give that expectations a timeframe. Habits are likely to stay with when you repeat them more than 30 days.

Pssst…I have a secret. Come closer. The moment you landed on this blog you began your journey.  And I’m going to be there with you.

Love and Light, Coach Cai