Don’t get it twisted…time for an introspective inventory


Admittedly I have had my faith shaken but not so much that I lose my sense of the Father’s awesome love. Any pain involved in facing our issues is well worth the effort in the end because His will ultimately comes through. For example, if you regret letting go of a relationship and swear off any other involvements, you could be setting yourself for poverty of love consciousness, and you might find that you are unable to make meaningful connections with others. It would ultimately be less of an effort if you just deal with the emotions of loss and look more deeply into your beliefs of love and loving relationships. Once you address these issues you are able to have more meaningful relationships by simply changing how you feel and how you deal with others. Don’t get it twisted it’s still a little difficult to move on, but at least the act of positive intentions will move you away from escaping dealing with your feelings.

Remember that quiet introspection is so valuable to you and can easily put you closer to attaining that final mark. Embark on the journey of forgiving, letting go and moving on.

Note to self:

  • Cai, forgive yourself for not being present in that conversation. I expect you to acknowledge your pain when letting go of situations or people. Be willing to divorce “It” the moment you decide to move on.

Most often these moments define who we are and dictate who we become. They are the key nuggets that pave the way to clearing that closet of baggage we store unnecessarily. There is always good reason to freely move on.

Love and Light, Coach Cai